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main entrance

Garden for an Italian Villa

Although this garden is surrounded by urban noise it is a serene and quiet place. It began with the client's purchase of a mature Japanese red maple and his desire to create an appropriate setting for this valuable tree. The pool with fountains and stepping stones, a large lawn panel with mixed borders along one side, and a lion sculpture were the beginning of a garden that grew over time. A decade later a new front was added to the house as well as a substantial pergola surrounding the garden pool. The owner's collection of bronze horse sculptures were added to the drive island and at the garden pool.

Set behind stucco walls and columns with lion heads, the new front door called for a more formal design. A new wide brick and stone walkway, matching stone fountains, boxwood edged beds containing four small magnolias and perennials, add welcoming sound, movement, and color to the entry court.

In the garden, a new pergola wraps around the pool with a gravel walkway. Planted with grapes, it is a place for morning coffee and contemplation.

The tennis court, reached by a boardwalk through the woods, is out of view from the house terraces and the garden. A swimming pool, surrounded by stucco walls, is at the main house level, steps lead down to the lawn.

Dense planting of shrubs and trees along both sides of the property give privacy and seclusion. Thirty years have gone by since the initial planting of flowering trees and large shrubs along the road edge so that neither the house nor the gardens are now open to public view. During that period, the perennial border was reworked, more flowering trees and shrubs added, trees removed and others added.

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main entrance with lion
drive island
new walk to front door
paving detail of inner court
a pair of fountains innner court
overview into garden with fountain and pergola
walk with border to fountain and pergola
view from pergola to large lawn
pergola walk with grapes around entire fountain
the small patio off bedroom
grass walk front to rear
boardwalk to tennis court

top row: existing main entrance & drive with new paving and planting; row 2: new front entrance paving and walled court with box edged beds and fountains; row 3 at right: view into garden from hedged parking area; row 4: main border and pool with fountains; row 5: new pergola and small patio off bedrooms; row 6: dense border planting and boardwalk to tennis court.